57 Seconds to More Sales Webinar

How many times have you thought about the question: should I make another phone call or send another email to a client or prospect? Why haven’t they gotten back to me? On this 30 minute webinar, Tom Hakel co-founder of 57 Seconds, with show you tips, best practices and technology that will allow you to immediately save time and crash through the walls of email and voicemail, getting you in front of more prospects and driving more sales.

The Frank Rumbauskas Bonus Webinar

As discussed on the webinar, if you sign up for The Scipt Developer by April 1st, you will be invited to a private 1 hour sales training and tactics webinar hosted by Tom Hakel, Fifty Seven Seconds co-founder.

The Script Developer – $49 {One Time Fee}

This is our basic service. Our web app takes you through our messaging methodology that builds your 170 word script in four easy steps. You just pay once and use it as much as you like.

Point Across – $24.95 {Monthly Fee}

With your individual PointAcross subscription, you will be provided the easiest way to create and share audio-visual messages. You will also be provided full message branding and reporting analytics.

Example Messages

See how our customers have used The Script Developer to create their message.

Get Started with The Script Developer - $49

Today you can change your business forever.


Imagine if your prospects opened your emails and listened to your message. What would an increase of revenues by 19% for your sales team do for your business?

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